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Ethnicity, and Standard & Non-Standard Languages

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Western University
Anthropology 1020E
Karen Pennesi

November 26, 2012 1 Identity: Gender, Race, and Ethnicity How do we use language to divide and unite people? Ethnicity  Identity based on common culture Culture  Socially acquired, shared ways of doing things and understanding the world Ethnicity vs. Race  Ethnic differences tolerated or celebrated o Can be changed, overcome, over time  Racial differences treated as problematic o Unchanging , something that is set Performing Ethnic and Racialized Identities  Race and ethnicity often combined  A distinctive ethnic dialect is not necessary for formation of an ethnic identity  Ex. Cambodian high school students in San Francisco o Has a different style/variety of English language, while still representing the Cambodian ethnicity Conclusion  Language ideologies and linguistic categories unite individuals into groups  The divide groups in order to exclude or include  People make use of racial, ethnic or gendered ways of speaking to perform their own identities Standard and Non-Standard Language How do we use language to unite ad divide people? Main Ideas 1. Non-Standard varieties of language are not bad or deficient 2. The selection of a variety of language to be the standard is always tied to social and political hierarchies 3. Standard language always indexes power Defining Standard Language  Standardization of language is recent (300 years ago)  Standardization of language began with the development of nathion-states o 200-300 years ago  Standardizing language facilitated o Administration o Documentation o Dissemination of information November 26, 2012 2 o Education o Nation Building Standardizing a Language: Writing  Writing and literacy allows mass communication  Writing “preserves” language  Literacy slows do
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