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Lecture 1 Linguistic Anthropology

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Western University
Anthropology 1020E
Karen Pennesi

Lecture 1 Linguistic The research process in linguistic Anthropology -They try to describe of other ways of speaking, using other language, and then into a theoretic generalization -Research Questions: -How does language reflect or influence some aspect of social life? i.e. How people in Bangladesh complain? Differences between gender, age, and reason? . -How do professionals use language to show themselves as authoritative figures such as doctors to their patients? -Collecting Data: -Participant observation (integrating yourself into the culture you are studying) -Interviews (open ended interviews typically and usually recorded because we want to know the actual way they answer questions, not just a paraphrase) -Surveys (asking people the same list of question between interviewee. Usually for statistical results. Surveys alone are never used for collecting data alone; it is usually used in combination of other collective data methods) -Naturally occurring talk (people just talking normally, this is actually the best type of evidence. People are just talking without being observed by a researcher. Usually audio recorded or video recorded) -Experiments (most of the time this is not us
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