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Western University
Anthropology 1020E
Alexis Dolphin

January 15/2013 BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY/ARCHEOLOGY LECTURE 3 Natural Selection and Inheritance Chapter 2 and 3 (37-48) 1. Film: On the Origin of species o Survival of the fittest-inequalities inevitable,  Darwin never came up with the term “survival of the fittest”  People see it in terms of people’s behaviour, principle linked up to peoples moral attitudes and judgments  Therefore considered “dangerous idea”  Micro-organisms: evidence of natural selection happening o Sociobiology – behaviours biologically programmed  Research things like human aggression: various perspectives Darwin and Wallace 1. More offspring are produced than can survivecompetition 2. Individuals within a species vary biologically 3. Individuals with the most beneficial variations (traits) are more likely to survive 4. Individuals with beneficial traits have greater reproductive success 5. The environment determines whether a trait is beneficial.  Think: “Bigger isn’t always better” what you see now may not be good in the future 6. Over geological time, beneficial traits accumulate in a population, and a new species may appear 7. Different selective pressures on a population may lead to speciation Mechanism of Evolutionary Change by Natural Selection 1. A trait must be inherited in order to have importance in natural selection 2. Natural Selection cannot occur without variation in inherited characteristics 3. Fitness(referring to reproductive fitness) is a relative measure that will changes as the environment changes  Mechanis
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