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archaeology today

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Anthropology 1020E
Andrew Nelson

ARCHAEOLOGY TODAY Current research in archaeology and physical anthropology -construction of the identity and nationalism -create a sense of identity – connection to a specific place or group of people -nationalism: loyalty or devotion to ones country/nation, usually leads to feelings of separatism and superiority (political party) proud of country, desire among people for independence *closely associated to ethnocentrism -identity: strongly connected to place, a set of characteristics by which an individual is recognized to be a member of a group -multiple identities vary from person to person NEW YORK BURIAL GROUND -a case exemplifying the relevance of archaeology in modern society -cultural and historical significance and important to the descendants of the living people providing info about family history -African slaves 17 century -largest colonial gravesite for slaves -419 bodies -creates a strong sense of identity and community among the local people, uniting African Americans across the country to witness the re-burial PUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY -term for the dissemination of archaeological research to the general public -can be a very difficult process >sometimes things are misunderstood >can be taken out of context >info can be manipulated >only big findings get public attention -Ontario archaeology vs. Stonehenge ARCHAEOLOGY AND NAZI NATIONALISM -during WW2, Nazi leaders employed archaeologists for the
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