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Western University
Anthropology 1020E
Alexis Dolphin

Archeology: reconstructing the human past 2013-01-22 Chapter 8 Introduction to archeology:  Study of the human past through its material remains  Research goals: o Reconstruct past human events-  use archeology to explore events in the past, are these just stories or did these places actually exists o Reconstruct past human life ways-  ex. how did they produce food, what did there houses look like, did they have plumbing, by looking at the objects left behind o How and why happened as it did-  why did ancient maya civilisation collapse: questions like this means that many archeologists have to get together o Interpret cognitive and symbolic aspects of past cultures:  see an object and try to figure out function for example a ancient bowl-did it have more purpose then to hold food, like a spiritual purpose, Gathering Data  Material culture o Materials remains of past societies o Excavate objects, not data o Depends on researcher o We use objects to interpret what we see from the past, this varies  Data o Relevant observations made on objects that then serve as the basis for study and discussion  This is What makes it a scientific discipline Theory A well-supported general idea that explains large sets of patterns in observations  Empirical phenomena  Seeks to explain the relationships between variables Ancient “archeologists”?  Who was the first archeologist?  Nabonidus  Last king of the Babylonian Empire (556-339 BC)- first person to be interested in material culture o “Kind of an archeologists”- he sent people to dig through old temples in ancient
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