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Anthropology 1020E
Andrew Walsh

Family Relations Wednesday, October 10, 2012 11:23 PM BS -resistant to change, but does change (especially in times of crisis) -individuals- stories of conversion -ex: Madagascar: Christian evangelists: stories about how individuals experienced Jesus and how they completely changed their views (p. 149-150 ghost dance, 151- 153 syncretization) WS -sapphire miners in Madagascar (141-143) -research about peoples worldviews, how they see world through their participation in mind BS -'Ancestral customs' in Madagascar -worldview that envisions ancestors (along with other spirits and God) as playing a role in ensuring the prosperity, growth and reproduction of the living WS -rituals focused on ancestors, ritual that involved ancestors, kings were important, but so were their ancestors -this all led to taboo, something you're not allowed to do -taboos: some inherited from ancestors, they didn’t do things because their ancestors didn’t or because they'd be punished by ancestors -nothing you cant do, in fact you could totally do it, but you CHOOSE not to do it -metaphors: ancestral blessing have a lot to do with reproduction, and production of growth -lost of it done by water (rituals) -water: important, sustains life for crops -rituals: done in pairs, coffin: half male, half female because both needed for reproduction -sacred sites: landscapes, geological places and so on -because they're sacred, here protected by taboos -place where they connect with their ancestors -ways that they reinforce what's significant: punishment -break taboos: you don’t break taboo, you break place, if people disrespect place, then place no longer can be used to connect with ancestors -ankarna: sacred site BS -place where they bury the dead, as time goes on, few people do this, but many people still come to visit -work hard to take care of ancestors, replace coffins -sacred ancestors will punish them if they don’t care for them -'conservationist' worldview: ankarna- became recognized for endemic biodiversity -implementation of conservation rules that restrict access -take nothing but pics, leave only footprints -neoliberal: idea that we should let market do things they way they want -regulating involvement of govnt BS -'touristic' worldview (155-156) -government changed restrictions so that people can go visit other countries easily BS -sapphire meaning (village of 400 to 15000) -miners: mostly young, winter money fast, now -elders: thought of anecdotes, youngers no longer concerned with it, they thought only of money -traders: learning to see the world differe
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