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Western University
Anthropology 1020E
Sherry Larkin

LECTURE 1 WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGY? “Anthropology has humanity as its object of research, but unlike the other human sciences, it tries to grasp its object through its most diverse manifestations" (Levi- Strauss 1983:49). "Anthropologists are generally thought of as individuals who travel to little known corners of the world to study exotic peoples, or who dig deep into the earth to uncover the fossil remains or the tools and pots of people who lived long ago" (Ember & Ember 1988:2). "Anthropology tries to account for the social, cultural variation in the world, but a crucial part of the anthropological project is also trying to conceptualize and understand similarities” (Eriksen 1995:1). "Anthropology is the comparative study of human societies and cultures" (Nanda & Warms 1998:2). “Anthropology is the study of human nature, human society, and the human past” (Schultz & Lavenda 1998:3). THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE: has three main attributes: 1) Holistic 2) Comparative 3) Evolutionary WHAT IS CULTURE AND HOW IS IT USED IN ANTHROPOLOGY? Tylor (1871) …knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a me
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