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Lecture 3

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Anthropology 1020E
Sherry Larkin

Lecture 3 WHAT IS PROGRESS? Progress: "the idea that human history is the story of a steady advance from a life dependent on the whims of nature to a life of control and domination over natural forces" (Robbins & Larkin 2007:43). Human Evolution Australopithecine - Lived 2 million to 4 million years ago Homo sapiens sapiens - 100,000 years - relied on hunting and gathering Food Production - Began in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago Age of Exploration Began in the 15 century with the Portuguese 1488: southern Atlantic coast of Africa and went around the Cape of Good Hope. 1490s: established trade with India 1492: Columbus landed in the Americas. 1494: Treaty of Tordesillas (divided non-Christian world) West = Spain East: = Portugal Then along came the Dutch, English, and French Spanish: Mexico Peru. Dutch: Cape of Good Hope North America Caribbean Indonesia French & British: North America Caribbean Africa Asia Fur Trade in North America THE EFFECTS O
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