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Lecture 4

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Sherry Larkin

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September 25, 2012 Lecture 4 WHAT IS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT? The term used to identify an increase in level of technology, and by some, standard of living of a population. Others view it as an ideology based on three key assumptions: 1. that economic growth and development is the solution to national as well as global problems; 2. that global economic integration will contribute to solving global ecological and social problems; and 3. that foreign assistance to underdeveloped countries will make things better. (Robbins 2006:59) Modernization Theory Model Modern World Traditional Society Market History Modernist Argument rd Solution (for 3 world countries to become more modern): Multinational Corporations Industry (increased production means increased exports, therefore more money will come in and trickle down) Foreign Aid Doctrine of Comparative Advantage Solution: Underdeveloped countries need to become like modern ones GDP Per capita and Purchasing Power Parity GDP PPP - Highest Income 228, 927 206,733 - Lowest Income 589 3133 Dependency Theory - Using land to produce export crops for example Development of Underdevelopment Structural Approach Underdevelopment History Neocolonialism Multinational Corporations Industry Foreign Aid Doctrine of Comparative Advantage Solution: World Revolution Richest 10% of the Countries of the World, 2003 ($US) Country GDP per capita Luxembourg 59,143 Norway 48,412 Switzerland 43,553 September 25, 2012 Denmark 39,332 Ireland 38,487 United States 37,648 Iceland 36,377 Japan 33,713 Sweden 33,676 Netherlands 31,532 Austria 31,289 Finland 31,058 United Kingdom 30,253 Germany 29,115 Belgium 29,096 Qatar 28,132 Canada 27,079 Total 607,895 Poorest 10% of the Countries in the World, 2003 ($US) Malawi Country GDP per capita Central African Republic 309 Chad 304 Tanzania 287 Gambia 278 Uganda 249 Tajikistan 246 Nepal 237 Niger 232 Mozambique 230 Rwanda 195 Eritrea 171 Guinea-Bissau 160 Malawi 156 Sierra Leone 149 Congo, Dem. Rep. of the 107 Ethiopia 94 Burundi 83 Total 3,487 Life Expectancy in Selected Countries, 2003 Country Life Expectancy Japan 82.0 Canada 80.0 United States 77.3 Cuba 77.2 St Lucia 72.3 Dominican Republic 67.1 Sudan 56.3 September 25, 2012 Haiti 51.5 Rwanda 43.6 (1970=44.6) Sierra Leone 40.6 Burundi 40.4 (1970=44.1) Malawi 39.6 (1970=41.8) Zambia 37.4 (1970=50.2) High Income 78.8 Middle Income 70.1 Low Income 58.2 World
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