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Lecture 3

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Sarah Shulist

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Lecture 3: Progress and Development (economic systems) Production Distribution Consumption Different aspects of social organization:  Economic o Making a living, sustaining ourselves (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) o Relationships among production, exchange, and consumption ­ Production: how we make to get stuff ­ Distribution: how we divide stuff among people (including trade and exchange) ­ Consumption: how we use stuff/ people Subsistence Strategies: ­ Food culture: ­ Small scale foragers (hunter gathering) o Example: homeless in town ­ Complex foragers (hunter gathering) ­ Food producers: ­ Herders o Factory farming ­ Horticulturalists o Mechanized industrial agriculture o Extensive agriculture  o Intensive agriculture  Karl Marx: ­ Modes of production: use of tools in to make stuff ­ Relations of production: who would do the work? o Different types:  Kin ordered (family)  Tributar
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