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Video: Disappearing World

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Anthropology 1025F/G
Randa Farah

Video 1 Disappearing World y Mining of gold in the Amazon Kayapo natives y Most feared tribe in Brazil Kapot y oppose mining of gold and timber y Chief claims that mixing of natives with Brazilians weakens the natives y Traditional hunting camp take place for several weeks y Older men do hunting people organized by gender and age y Youths work together to clear the paths y Young boys cut branches to hold turtles and other animals that are caught y Adult women build camps cook and move possession y Young women tend to children y Forest a world rich in meaning magic decoration etc y Dont believe in divine being dont use drugs or alcohol y Land tortoises main source of game killed at camp to name child with a beautiful name o Turtles displayed in front of shelter of father of child being named y Beauty is one of the highest values of society y Men sit in groups by age y Its better to go united and stay as an empty handed people y
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