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Video: Bitter Paradise

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Anthropology 1025F/G
Randa Farah

Movie Bitter Paradise y East Timor o Remote Portuguese colony for 400 years o 1975 declared independence invaded by Indonesia o between Australia and Indonesia y Canada involved on wrong side y Very respectful of the environment y Fatima the most beautiful in the village daughter of elderly parents o Many suitors y Walked on paths to buysell goods meet family etc y Relatively uninfluenced by Europeans y The people help each other in every situation always someone to help and someone to help you y Sharing and cooperation of Timorese society o Murder and rape unknown o Matriarchal y Each village has a house for mother earth and father sky y Creationboy saved a crocodile o When he was going to die he gave the people a place to live y Attacked by Indonesia by navy air force and army y Constantino Pinto o Leader ofo People dying of starvation and disease o 19781979 was t
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