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Anthropology 1025F/G
Sherry Larkin

Week 4 Progress Continued Dependency theory illustrates that one group are mindless victims; this is not always the case. In the case of first nations, they are treated like children who need to be taken as wards over the state. Brazilians in movie try to keep the reputation of the natives as being primitive. Tried to express that there was no way for the natives to progress on land with gold without the Brazilians. Anthropology and Development Anthropology of Development Anthropologists who study development Development Anthropology Anthropologists within development agencies – apply their knowledge into some aspect of the world (want to do more than teach) Growth-Oriented Development UN UNDP FAO WHO UNICEF WB IMF Bilaterals UDAID CIDA NGOs Alternatives to Growth-Oriented Development Distributional Development Its good if the income of a nation increases – but what happens to the poor? Is it distributed across the population evenly? Important Questions: How is access to resources organized? – Does everyone have access? What is the distribution of decision-making power? – who gets to talk for us? Group or one person? Someone who’s elected? How are local property relations organized? – do we all have access to the land? How is work organized? – does everyone have a job? Do some pay
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