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Introduction to Anthropology

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Western University
Anthropology 1026F/G
Andrew Nelson

Jan 10 12 Introduction to AnthropologyWhat Makes Anthropology a Unified Holistic Discipline The importance of crosscultural studiesThe evolutionary perspectiveThe biocultural approachThe Scientific Method and Evolution Problem is identified Hypothesis is stated Hypothesis is tested through the collection and analysis of data After many tests hypothesis is changed to a scientific theory Science Is empiricalSystematic and explicitLogicalTheoretical explanatory and predictivePublic Self critical limits bias and is based on testing Development of the Concept of Evolution Darwin published Origin of Species in 1859 Real genius was that he put together things that were floating around in intellectual circles Evolution by Means of Natural Selection Organisms within any population vary with respect to each other and this variation affects their ability to survive and reproduce variation that affects abilities of individuals to reproduce is what we are interested in Some of these features which vary are passed on from parents to their offspring and these features are inherited The ability of a population to grow is infinite but the ability of any environment to support populations is finite and this leads to a struggle for existenceOver long periods of geological time these heritable variations can accumulate to produce great changes in a population resulting in the origin of a new species Darwins Postulates Or
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