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Mechanisms of Evolution

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Anthropology 1026F/G
Andrew Nelson

Mechanisms of EvolutionInheritanceHistorical ConceptsBlending inheritance believed that if you had a tall father and small mother you would have a medium sized baby but this did not explain anything because eventually all variability would disappear Acquired characteristics doesnt work either believed there was a little person in every sperm so they thought all traits came from the father Mendel and Particulate Inheritance Lived 18221884 Created laws of inheritance and was a contemporary of Darwins Experiments on Plant Hybridization was presented to the Natural History Society of Brno in 1865 Over a decade he played with different plants and animals and mostly peas examining inheritance Realized there were seven traits that were important such as seed colour step length flower colour etc Some peas would make the same offspring generation after generation a pure breeding plant of long or short stems He found if he crossed those two strains that the offspring would all be tall so one strain overrode the other If plants from that generation were crossed the short stems reappeared in a ratio of 31 more taller Had a mathematical approach and this was important Particulate inheritance was what he realized he had but he did not understand it but it has to do with genes on chromosomes Depends of cell division Believed pure breeders had two identical particles of tall or short Principle of segregation says particles must get somehow segregat
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