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Movie: Life on Earth: Life in Trees

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Anthropology 1026F/G
Peter Timmins

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Lecture 4Primates MovieLife on Earth Life in Trees y Primates y Opposable thumbs y Monkeys apes humans lemurs y Lemurs o Most primitive o 4250 million years o Madagascar split from Africa didnt allow them to evolve more to be more efficient and more intelligent o More than 20 species of lemurs o Died out in the rest of the world taken over by monkeys o Monkeys sleep during day gave advantage to bush babies and lorisesLoris has moist nose of lemur o Virtually colour blind y Monkeys o Marmosets smallest of the monkeys link between other monkeys like howler monkeys o Becoming larger and largerMore difficult to reach ends of braches developed prehensile tails o Very good colour vision o Differences between South American monkeys and others around
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