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Mammals - Primates and the Biological Basis for Behaviour

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Anthropology 1026F/G
Andrew Nelson

Jan 31 12 MammalsPrimates and the Biological Basis for BehaviourClass MammaliaPrimitive Traits We are members of the class MammaliaMotile derive energy from ingested food shows we are animals Have dorsal never chord with surrounding bony vertebrae shows we are vertebrates Derived TraitsMammary glands nurse young with milk from these glands Warm blooded Have fur Derived Morphological Traits Legs are under the body for efficient energetics Heterodont dentition have incisors canines premolars molars where as reptiles are homodont because all their teeth are the same little points Mandible is a single bone dentary and in reptiles it is made of many different bonesKey Diagnostic Traits for Fossils When we look at fossils we want to be able to distinguish what they areOrders within Mammalia Generally classified according to a specialization Cetacea Chiroptera Dolphins and whalesBats SwimFly Eat fish or krill Echolocate Fins and blowholesWings PerissodactylaCarnivora H
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