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Western University
Anthropology 1027A/B
Claire Marin

Anthropology 1027A– Claire Marin – Lecture 001 Tuesday, September 10 th Notes Email: [email protected] Office: SSC3438 Course Website: OWL Office Hours: 5:30 – 6:30 prior to class Textbook is great for exercises. Teacher will assign readings from the textbook, but we don't always need to bring it to class. Course Information We're evaluated on 4 homework assignments (30%). Teacher will post them online, we'll have a week to complete. We'll have a midterm worth 35% of our mark. We'll finally have a final exam worth 35% of our mark. Final is cumulative, but will be weighted on stuff taught in the second half of the course. Homework assignments will be due at the start of class, within 5 minutes I believe. Why am I so scared? No seriously, if I want to achieve great things I can't beAFRAID. No one can see this. Why am I afraid... Midterm exam is in class on October 22 . Midterm topics are phonetics, phonology, and morphology. Linguistics Linguistics is the science of language. We're going to look at the role language plays in everyday life; as a system of our lives. Using that system we're going to try and understand it. We're going to look at language as a system. Linguistic Competence – what you know. Linguistic Performance – how you use it. Linguistic Knowledge is not conscious knowledge. We may not be aware of the rules of a language, just like we may not know the rules that allow us to stand or catch a baseball. Linguistic Grammar The mental system which allows us to form and interpret sounds, words, and sentences is a grammar. The 5 major topics come from here, they are Phonetics – sound, articulation, and perception Phonology – sound patterning Morphology – word formation Syntax – sentence formation Semantics – meaning of words Language is Creative Our ability to speak a language allows us to create an infinite amount of combinations. We can take these rules and reapply them. This is called the creativeness or productivity of language. Five Language Universals 1. All languages have grammar 1. sound system – phonetics and phonol
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