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Anthropology 2222F/G
Andrew Walsh

Anthropology 2222 – September 16 , 2013th Culture - Chameleons are the second most sought after animals in Madagascar - Ecotourism is a cultural phenomenon - Culture is the complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, customs and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society o The way we act - Ecotourism o People taking the time and spending the money to visit certain places to take pictures, etc. because of certain ideas about unspoiled, undiscovered environments that have been transmitted socially to them o Motivated by certain ideas, values and practices that are shared by some group of people o A phenomenon that might be explained or explicated to observers who ‘don’t’ get it - Culture was not always the key concept it is today o Its importance today is owed to the emergence of cultural anthropology as an academic discipline - 1500 – 1900 AD – Globalization o The world changed and so did peoples understanding of the world during this time, people started moving around the world th th o During the 18 and 19 centuries, colonial empires emerged incorporating a wide range of different people into shared political- economic systems - The emergence of new ways of thinking about the world, about the place of people in it and how we might go about understanding it all – this all changed - The scientific revolution placed emphasis on objective and empirical research - By the 20 century, the professionalization of different field of research and study emerge with things like universities for example - 19 century evolutionism o With growing acceptance of evolution o Researchers wondered how human diversity might be explained as a product of evolutionary processes as well o Not just biological diversity but diversity in terms of social organization, subsistence patterns, systems of gov’t, religion, etc. - Lewis Henry Morgan o Certain levels of progression in evolution o Start out as savages progressing to barbarism and then finally to civilizatio
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