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Anthrpology 2222 – September 30th.docx

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Anthropology 2222F/G
Andrew Walsh

Anthrpology 2222 – September 30 , 2013th Midterm st - Monday 21 in class midterm exam - 2 hours - 30% short answers – 1-2 sentences as in the tutorial questions - 40% short essays – 4-5 sentences o Certain little concepts, questions - 30% one longer essay o Big topic o Quite open - Covers all lecture and reading materials, taking sides debates as well as the extra readings o Use the readings questions provided as a guideline - Think about connections between different topics that we have discussed Essay - Mid November - essay outline is due – November 15 th o List of sources, general outline, etc. - Choose one of the debates, good topic idea o Mead’s fieldwork, should we use culture, etc? Adolescent “storm and stress” - Early 20 century American psychologist G. Stanley Hall o Among the first to identify this period of human life that has something particular about it that breaks it apart from childhood or adulthood o Interested in certain features of adolescence  Conflict with parents  Rapid mood fluctuation  Risky behaviour  To Hall, and others, these features of adolescence were a product of biological evolution, and should thus be apparent in all humans Mead’s “negative instance” (1928: 195) - Clearly she knows that there are products of our biology that hurt us but is this how we are to understand as adolescent behaviours - No she says, we follow these Samoan girls around and the idea that adolescent behaviours are universal like Hall and others say, is not true Implications - A study with implications - Why do American adolescents experience storm and stress (if Samoans don’t) - The principle causes of our adolescents difficulty are the presence of conflicting standards and the belief that every individual should make his or her own choices, coupled with the feeling that choice is an important matter Mead’s Next Project - Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies 1935 - Our own society assigns different roles to the two sexes, surrounds them from birth with an expectation of different behaviours - Woman stereotypes o Not competitive, irrational - Male stereotypes o Better at math - Papua New Guinea o Comparative project o Goal  To dispute the idea that men and women have natural temperaments based on fundamental biological differences  Basically that men and women have predetermined
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