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Anthropology 2222F/G
Andrew Walsh

Anthropology 2222 – October 7 , 2013 Essay topic - Go deeper into a articular debate covered in the course - Start with taking sides book or other course sources and then broaden your search from there - You can take a side but 80% of the essay should be devoted to fairly discussing both sides of the debate Essay proposal - Sample on OWL - Annotated bibliography (1-2 sentences about the source), short abstract (200-300 words), point form outline th - Due November 15 - Worth 20% of essay out of 100% (5% of 25% of your final course grade) - Grade for proposal calculated based on grade of final paper Essay submission - Quality > quantity: < 1800 words, not including references nd - Due December 2 - Late papers: 5% per day Hirschfeld – “Why Don’t Anthropologists like Children?” - A tendency for anthropologists to view children “as vehicles into which culture is poured” 2002: 612 o They're born as blank slates and they become adults by acculturating themselves - Hirschfeld says this is a mistake o Believes that in making their own cultural traditions, children deploy singular conceptual skills that significantly constrain and mold not only their own cultural productions but also those of adults (612) - Children have their own cultural traditions o Some say they don’t but Hirschfeld believes they do o They get them from other kids - Hirschfeld on cooties o They're getting these kinds of games from other kids on the playground, etc. from kids, not from adults o Cooties are a social contaminant that pass from one child to another, a form of
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