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Lecture 10

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Anthropology 2226A/B
Alexis Dolphin

Only study the hominins that are mentioned in the lecture. Nov 26 - archaic and modern homo sapiens, Steckley 8 and 9 Dec 3 - human adaptability, ethics and applied bioanthropology, steckley 10 & 11; Marks 13 & 14 December 11 2 pm EXAM The exam is not cumulative. Concepts may inform what you do but it is really beyond midterm. Non-human primates, hominins and some on living populations. 3D fossil casts Hominin = bipedal It is ok on the exam to count ardipithecus kaddaba/ ramidus as just ramidus Chrildrens bones have not stopped growing and have not ossified so they are less likely to preserve as long as fossils. Topeka baby- female ? Cannot tell the sex of those who have not hit puberty so how can be girl. Xray of teeth were small so guessed female but is not a tried and true method of sexing. We don’t know if older species grew at the same rate as us so it is based on the aging of us and/or apes but we don’t really know. Taung baby is africanus but Topeka baby is afarensis Paranthropus robustus and paranthropus boisei have no similarities to australoithecines They lived for 1-2 million years, longer than we have been around. But they are the branch of the family tree that did not provide anything for our genus. One of the australopithecines gave rise to homo genus but not a consenus on who. EXAM - know why h. hablis and h. rudolfensis are separate species and why. The difference between them comes down to the size of the brain. r- flatter face, not as robust as hablis. Which led to h. erectus…. h. rudolfensis looks more gracile and looks like it would have led to h. erectus. Stone age - lower paleolithic (lower is further back and upper closer to us) 2.6 years ago...oldest h. hablis go back 3.2 million years but tools go back farther Was australopithecines making tools? Some want to put h. hablis into australopithecine hablis. No anatomical reason to put h. hablis into homo. Thei
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