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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - History of Archaeology

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 3History of Archaeology I The Ancient World Pre AD 500 y Speculative histories logical there was a progression in technology o Had no way to test it y Basically no archaeology developed but did ask some anthropological questions y When they encountered archaeological objects usually attributed to extraterrestrial or mythological origins o Thunderbolts elves etcII The Renaissance 14501700 y Heightened interest in the ancient past y Rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts etc y Usually powerful people collected ancient relics o Mostly religious practitioners Popes Cardinals etc o Interest in art sculpture etc y Older time represented a better time a Golden Age y More elite members of society becoming interested o Interested in the antiquity of their own past o Appearance of jobs to deal with antiquities court antiquarians o Appointment began in the 1500s first appointment in 1533 y By 1655 Museum developed in Denmark o To display ancient goods to the general population o Appointed a court antiquarian to care for these goods o Many archaeological methods were invented in Scandinavia y Laws developed to protect antiquities from looting and destruction in 1666 o King of Sweden protect laws to protect the antiquities monuments etc of historical significance y Interest in history was humanistic o Interested in their own past rather than that of others o Protecting your own history in your own country o Appreciation of past life ways developing o Noncomparative o Not anthropologicalcrosscultural y Period of great exploration o Brought back tales and goods from foreign peoples from the Americas etc y Some institutions started to collect material goods from other cultures o Eg Vatican amassed a large amount of Native American artifacts y Had a hard time accepting stone tools as the work of humans o Supernatural forces made them or natural forces like geology o Confused by these objects y Mercati o 15411593 o Saw objects brought back from the Americas and carried out comparisons between stone tools used in the Americas and tools found in Europe o Concluded they were tools made by human beings came from an older age
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