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Lecture 20

Lecture 20 Part 2 – Zooarchaeology

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

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Lecture 20 Part 2 – Zooarchaeology  Goals cont. o 3. Age and Sex of Animal  Help understand hunting practices  E.g. Clovis hunters sought out younger individuals or females because they are less dangerous; males were too hard to take  Domesticated forms have physical differences  Traits added/removed through select breeding  May have been tending animals before we see skeletal changes o E.g. female sheep with no horns  Male: Female ratio o Age and sex of animals being butchered o Young males butchered because they need fewer males for breeding o 4. Seasonality  Vast majority of hunter-gatherers relied on natural food stuffs, required that they move around  Abundance of specific resources at certain locations at certain times  Need to determine which season the site was used  Certain animals are only available of certain times of the year; e.g. migratory waterfowl, fish species (walleye, pickerel, salmon)  Age structures of animals: give birth in certain seasons  Examples: o Bison give birth in spring, high percentages of young individuals during the spring and summer if kill was in the spring, older in fall or winter o State of antlers of deer; shed antlers in late winter; find deer with a
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