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Lecture 24 – Growth and Development

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 24 – Growth and Development  Growth and Development o Growth Rate  How fast do people mature? How fast to bones grow?  Must be compared to same stages of life  E.g. Illinois  Pre-Agricultural population vs. Agricultural population  Growth rate slower because the nutrition wasn’t as good  Hunter-gatherers healthier than early agriculturalists  Bones matured at a faster rate  Suggests adoption of agriculture was not to improve nutrition, more to increase mass of what you are producing o Focusing on specific foods, less wholesome diet o Stature/Height  Height depends on nutrition  Generally, better fed people are taller  Pre-agriculturalists are taller than early agriculturalists  Difference in the elite?  Elite are taller on average than the commoners, better access to better food o Pathologies  Under dietary stress has an effect on your bones  As you grow, you can undergo different stresses (not enough food, nutritious food, etc.)  Adult bones maintain record of stresses from when they were younger  Porotic hyperostosis  Skull/cranium  Porous depressions (honeycomb effect)  Expansion of blood forming tissues  Greater need for red blood cells to form this; response to anemia (iron deficiency)  Occurs in populations whose diets are iron poor  High frequency in populations that are heavily reliant on maize o Need fish, meat, etc. to make up for heavy reliance on maize  Interruptions in Growth of Long Bones  Stop in growth because of poor nutrition/nutritional stress  Harris Lines o Lines
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