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Lecture 25 – Technology and Subsistence

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 25 – Technology and Subsistence  As the skeleton can be structured based on need, so can technologies  Raw materials and weapon design o Used to directly get resources o Stone tip? Bone tip? Wood? o What conditions favour different activities o Stone the most effective for hunting  Rougher edges create more damage and bleeding  Shatter inside, more damage  Overkill to be used on smaller game o Earliest stone tips don’t appear until Mousterian times in the Old World  Nature of Tool Kits o Diversity: number of functional tool types  Some have very few, some have hundreds o Subsistants  Tools sued to directly procure food from the environment  E.g. weapon tips, spears, harpoons, etc.  Number of them in a society directly related to “risk”  Probability of resource failure or failure to procure resource  E.g. hunting have higher “risk”, can fail  Greater diversity of tools away form the Equator  Fewer food resources because there is a greater risk of failure to get food  Less risk near the Equator  Way to make it more likely to be successful is dependent on tools  Tools for single tasks are better than multipurpose tools  Better at specific tasks, more likely to be successful o Manufacturing/Maintenance  Used to process things or make other tools  Hid
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