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Lecture 23 – Bone Chemistry

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Western University
Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 23 – Bone Chemistry  Bone Chemistry: Isotope Analysis: Photosynthetic pathways o C4 Plants  Higher ratios of C13 – C12  Plants that prefer Carbon 13  Tend to be major staples of the diet  Examples  North America:  Maize: more than almost every other plant  Old World:  Millet, sorghum wheat, certain canes o C3 Plants  Lower C13-C12  C3 plants virtually every other plant o Called Delta C-13 ratios  In C-4 plants with higher C-13, see on the standard chart, range from -8 - -14  C3 between -23 - -30 o More you eat, the more it appears in the bone  Reflective of what they were eating in the last 5-10 years of life, bones constantly being remodeled throughout life  Teeth are different, keep record of what you were eating while your teeth were being formed  Can tell shift in diet over time when compared (younger when teeth were formed and older when died) o How are they used to test subsistence patterns?  E.g. Ohio Hopewell (200 BC – AD 200)  Built mounds/earthworks, elaborate trade networks, etc.  -20 to -24: suggests they are not relying on maize, or it is a very small part of their diet o No bia
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