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Lecture 26 Part 1 – Sociological Organization

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 26 Part 1 – Sociological Organization  How do people organize themselves? o Seen as evolutionary sequence of civilization o Assumes populations were smaller and grew to become more complex o Criticized, cannot be rigid  Points on a continuum, arbitrary segments that can overlap  Criteria can be added or taken away, etc.  Highlight key principles  4 Basic Types of Society o Bands  Hunter-gatherers, foragers  Small, less than 50 individuals  Generally in local groups  Not completely independent from all other groups, tied into regional groupings that make up the ethnic unit  Fluid membership  Easy for people to move between groups  Necessary because: o Have to be able to find mates, people of marriageable age in your group very limited o Match populations to fluctuating resource base  No central authority o Way to solve disputes: leave the group  Few or no constraints on who you can associate with  Real kinship and marriage  Allows you to join other groups  Closer social bonds  Determines membership, through marriage or descent  Egalitarian  Achieved status  Everyone has equal rights and privileg
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