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Lecture 27 – Social Forms and Society

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Western University
Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 27 – Social Forms and Society  All ideal the divisions of social systems are not necessarily completely true, variations within each  Archaeologists interested in changes of social forms o Population growth precedes social hierarchy? Stratification encourages population growth? o How is that complex chiefdoms led to the creation of ancient states?  Questions to ask about sociological change o What kinds of social groups occupied sites? What kind of social groups were present?  Nuclear family? Extended family?  Descent groups like lineages and clans?  Ranked clans or lineages? o Status differences  Were there marked social differences?  Achieved status or ascribed status?  Based on age and sex? o What kinds of activities were carried out by individuals?  Were there specialists? Jack-of-all-trades?  Are they craft, economic or religious specialists?  Full-time or part-time? o Sexual division in division of labour  Particular concepts for what is appropriate for men and women  How was labour organized? o Mobility  How mobile were the people?  Sedentary or nomadic?  Territoriality o Population Size and Density  How the people might be organized o Subsistence  Agricultural? Hunter-gatherers?  Irrigation? o Exchange Systems  Introduce exchange systems to co
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