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Lecture 29 Part 2 – Landscape Level Organization

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 29 Part 2 – Landscape Level Organization o Valley of Mexico cont.  Late Formative Period  Settlement Types o Small villages, larger villages, and towns (2000+ people) o More public buildings, more administrative and religious buildings  More centralized decision making  Status Distinctions o Evidence of status distinctions appear o Burials: some have more goods than others o Differences in housing: larger houses for the more powerful people, found in the towns  Settlement Patterning o Aggregations of sites, about 8-10 sites  Large town or village centrally located and acts as the administrative centre o Not everywhere as they were before o Town as an administrative center of surrounding villages  Clusters are clearly related, but don’t overlap, eliminates competition between groups o Spacing becomes quite regular between the larger towns, suggests they are administrative centers  Redistributive economy, characteristic of chiefdoms  Classified as simple to complex chiefdoms  Terminal Period  Settlement Types o Appearance of a fourth level of settlement, the urban centre (20,000+ people)  Small villages, large villages and towns still exist  More public buildings, etc.  2 urban centers in the valley, causes the smaller clusters to disappear  Don’t cover huge amounts of land o At least three levels of decision making:  Urban center, local administrators and small-village administrators  Status Distinctions o Status dist
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