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Lecture 28 – Community Level Organization

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Anthropology 2229F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 28 – Community Level Organization  Community Level Organization o How different areas are arranged in a site, not just individual houses o Degree of Planning  More elaborate as society becomes more complex  More permanent as society becomes more complex  Layout a good reference point for social arrangement  Have to have central control to organize village  Centralized decision making hierarchy o Social institutions  E.g. Iroquois  Status positions that were ranked, partly ascribed, but also partly achieved (had to prove yourself, but had to be born into the group)  Civil chiefs in charge of organizing villages, activities, etc.  No central planning before 1300 AD, shifts in layout starts after o Houses oriented the same way, well planned areas, etc. o Very elaborate defensive works o Must have had centralized decision making o Grouping of structures  Could reflect clan distinctions  Organization through matrilineage (for the Iroquois), houses made up lineages  Still need multiple lines of evidence to get an idea of social distinctions!!  E.
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