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Archaeology of North America

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

September 19 2011 Discoveries Post1920sAfter 1920sFolsom New Mexicofirst widely accepted evidence that people were here during the ice ageFound stone artifacts among the bones of a longextinct bisonNumber of sites in southwest Blackwater Draw Locality 1near town in New Mexico known as Clovisboth Clovis and Folsom have groove in common shape called fluted or grooved pointsanywhere that wasnt covered in ice in north America now has Clovis points lanceolate Blackwater drawshowed that Clovis were earlier than Folsom found Folsom in higher layers than Clovisfluting points havent been found in anywhere except north AmericaRadiocarbon Dating y wasnt used in buttermilk creek o used luminescence dating calendar years y 2000 years underestimated 1150013500 Clovis Sites y Concentrate between 1120010900 BP o People had to be in north America before the end of the ice age o Wisconsinian Ice Age o 2000011500 BP y PreClovis PreProjectile Point o PrePaleoindiano Sites before 11500 most disproved Bering Straity Lot of attention focused on this y beringiaTwo major ice sheetsy Laurentide Ice over Hudson bay continental ice sheet
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