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Archaeology of North America Lecture 5

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

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Lecture 5Archaic Eastern North America y Archaichad to redefine Ritchies definition of archaic not just prepottery or preagricultural had to distinguish from Paleoindians and Woodlando There are always some exceptions y Characteristics of artifacts found that define o PaleoindianLanceolateUsed finest grains of chert and flintArt formOften find exotic stones 300400km awayFairly small portable toolsFlaked stone tools reshapedresharpenedcuratedFew plant processing foods and fishing tools o ArchaicNotched or steamed points to attach to a shaftUsed a much wider range of materials for toolsCoarser grained stonesLess of an art formUsed local materials largerLess portable tools axes adzes etcGroundstone toolsworking edgesMore disposableexpedient t
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