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Archaeology of North America - Late Woodland

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

October 31 2011 Late Woodland Egalitarian societiescollapse of Hopewelly Inherited power y One person has power for the greater good everyone benefits some more than others y All gone by 4500 AD Late Woodland500800 AD y In some cases covers right up to when Europeans came y Population more complexmore people more organized y Must be considered most complex societies north of Mexico prior to the Europeans y These complex societies disappeared before the Europeans came over Late Woodland in the Southern Areas y Characterize based on a number of changes 500800 AD o Increasing reliance on maizeMore productive variety eastern 8 rowMaize has become more of a major staple by 8900 AD o Population increasesSites become more commono Technological innovationsLarge flint hoesCeramicsy Stopperedhooded vessels y Longer and stronger storage vessels y Shell and limestone temper calcium carbonate mix this with fine clay produces lighter clay that makes lighter stronger vesselso Size of sitesSettlements get bigger over time500 ADy1ha y 4 houses y50 people900 AD y Some small villages continue
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