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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Discoveries Post 1920s

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 2 Part 1 – Discoveries Post 1920s  Folsom, New Mexico o 1926 – Paleontologist found stone artifacts among the remains of extinct bison o Stone weapon tips are very distinctive – called Folsom Points o Most sites were in the American Southwest  Blackwater Draw Locality #1 (Clovis, New Mexico) o Extinct forms of elephants/mammoths o Were not identical to the ones at Folsom, differ in size and shape  Both have a flute groove up the middle – Fluted/Grooved Points distinctive  Fluting found only in Americas o Anywhere that was not glaciated during the time you can find these points o Lanceolate points o Stratified sites – indicate that Clovis sites predate Folsom sites o Most of our knowledge of these early peoples is based on radiocarbon dating (BP) – not the same as calendrical years – radiocarbon dates are 2000 years earlier than ours o Clovis sites concentrate between 11,200 – 10,900 BP  People had to be in North America before the end of the Ice Age (called the Wisconsinan Ice Age in the Ice Age, happened between 20,000-11,500 BP)  Pre-Clovis/Pre-Projectile Point/Pre-Paleoindian o Sites dated
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