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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Part 2 – Folsom

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

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Lecture 3 Part 2 – Folsom Folsom  Named after first site found in Folsom, New Mexico  Has distinctive fluted points o Smaller, fluted, edges retouched to be smoother o Apex of flintknapping  Several C14 dates on Folsom, 11,000 – just prior to 10,000 BP  Descendants of Clovis peoples, predated by Clovis  Only found in the western and central areas on North America (high plains, western Mississippi Valley, and southwest of USA)  Begin to lose Clovis tools o Few, if any blades, some burins, no ivory because mammoths extinct  More organic tools (needles, etc.)  Sites: bias towards kill sites because they are easier to find (same as Clovis) o Hunted long-horned bison, descendants of extinct forms hunted by Clovis people o Mass-hunting, e.g. taking 20 animals at once o Sites for mass hunting only used once, maximum taken was 29 animals, usually took 10-20 at once  Cooper, Oklahoma – found 3 layers of at least 20 kills, found a painted skull of a bison o Hunting took place in same season – late fall or winter, may be due to storage technology (freeze in winter) o Rather than transporting meat, lived near where they made the kill  Relatively
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