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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 Part 2 – Middle Woodland in Eastern North America

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Western University
Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 9 Part 2 – Middle Woodland in Eastern North America: 200 BC – 800 AD (2200 – 1200 BP)  Defined mostly by particular styles of pottery, development of sedentary lifestyles, great regional variability  Hopewell – 100 BC – 400 AD o Southern Ohio Hopewell, also an Illinois Hopewell (often referred to as Havana) o Took trading to the extreme? Large interaction sphere o Traits:  1. Elaborate earthworks  2. Elaborate artifacts used in ceremonial and burial rites o Artifacts Distinctive of Ohio Hopewell:  1. Pottery  Zoned pottery: surface of the pot broken down in different zones with certain decorations  Decoration is largely stamped, commonly carved to give it a more elaborate design  Dentate stamps: toothed, carved stamps that were like combs with short projections  Rocker stamped: took linear stamp and rocked it down the pot and got a zigzag pattern  2. Human figurines  Clay  Showed various headdresses, ear spools, etc.  3. Exchange of Native Copper  Ceremonial or decorative effigies  Had to come from Wisconsin or northern Michigan  Fairly large quantities, relatively pure forms  Annealing: heated at low temperatures, pounded into sheets and then cut into shapes o Holes punctured for jewelry or sewn onto clothing  Made into:
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