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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Part 2– Mississippian Society

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 12 Part 2 Mississippian Society Characteristics of Mississippian1 Largely confined to river valleys o Fertile soils replenished by flooding2 Elaborate Mounds o Some burial mounds o 3 kinds ridgetop conical platform o Temple Mounds usually square with a flat top with beveled sidesNot burial mounds not built over deadHad structures built on top of themNo doubt they were ceremonialSome where the elite lived some were charnal houses o Impressive in sizeEg Monks Mound Cahokia IllinoisEuropeans built a monastery on topThird largest preColumbian structure pyramids in MexicoOver 30 meters tall 316x210 meters covers 16 acresUsually one dominant multilevel ceremonial moundSome have ramps up to the top logs used as stepsNot built all at once building episodes3 Large settlements and population centers o Had obvious public spaces o Hundreds of houses o Laid out for cosm
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