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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Part 2– Subsistence changes in Late Woodland and Mississippian

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 13 Part 2– Subsistence changes in Late Woodland and Mississippian Subsistence changes in Late Woodland and Mississippian  Increasing reliance on maize o More important and shift caused a shift of people to shift society to river areas o Allowed the support of larger populations, created surpluses that were not needed immediately or just for your area o Good be used for many different activities (ritual, etc.)  Introduction of beans o Nitrogen-fixing properties – increase soil fertility, leads to more productive crops  Planted in the same fields as maize to replenish soil o Broader range of nutrients (proteins, etc.), more well-balanced diet  Changes in relative importance of all the different forms of food o Maize becoming more important  Caused by demographic stress  First response was not to immediately adopt maize, intensified using small mammals and seed crops first o Why didn’t adopt maize right away  Maize expensive (clearing forests, etc.), lots of work to clear the fields o Got to the point where the population was too large to be supported by small mammals and seed crops, maize adopted Argued that population growth that led to the development of Mississippian society
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