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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 Part 1 – Late Pueblo II

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Western University
Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 17 Part 1 – Late Pueblo II Late Pueblo II: 1000-1100 AD – Early Pueblo III: 1150 AD Chaco Canyon  Time of considerable population growth  Additions to pueblos tracked based on changes in masonry and dendrochronology  Pueblos tend to have ‘D’ shape  Huge organized towns: apartment style, storage rooms, plaza, kivas  Great Kivas o Well planned, similar to older pit-houses o Center of decision-making and ritual o Large logs required to support roof o Fire screen o Recesses for offerings o Vaults on floor, possibly for built-in drums for ritual o Usually centrally located, had to be for the most important sodality  Meeting place for people from other towns maybe  Recognized status positions, but achieved o Family  Most basic unit = family, series of linked rooms used by single families  Families that live close together are of the same lineage; shared courtyard  Unsure whether patrilineal or matrilineal o Clans largest group, often exogamous (had to marry outside them), links lineages together o Sodalities  Membership decided by volunteering, or parents pledge you at birth  Cross the whole section of society, not based on lineage  Formed to carry out specific duties, can be member of multiple sodalities  Meet at kivas  Organized specific rituals, coordinating con
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