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Lecture 22 – Mogollon

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Anthropology 2231F/G
Christopher Ellis

Lecture 22 – Mogollon Mogollon  Southern New Mexico, south-east Arizona and northeastern Mexico  Major features: o Coiled pottery (same as Anasazi), earlier was undecorated, later used a slip to paint it, red-on-brown paint, later becomes black-on-white o Originally lived in circular pit-houses, became more rectangular and eventually adopted pueblo-like dwellings sometime after 1150 AD o Kivas, but no great kivas, some differences in layout o Pueblos and black-on-white pottery adopted around the same time, Anasazi influence?  Major Sites: o Mimbres  New Mexico  Famous for pottery, some of the most elaborate and beautiful that was created (animal figures, fantastical creatures, etc.) o Casas Grandes  Northern Mexico  Largest pueblo site known in the Southwest  At least 2000 rooms  Built in the early 1200s AD, major center by 1300 AD  Lasted about 100 years to 1400  Ball courts: like the Hohokam, same “I” shape as the Mesoamerican ball courts, more contact with Mesoamericans  Mounds – earthen court, covered with flat stones, same
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