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Lecture 23 – Quantification

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Western University
Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 23 – Quantification, Probative Value and Statistical Testing  In the R. V. Murrin voir dire trial, there was considerable discussion about how the FBI and FSS differed when a „match‟ is found o FBI uses the FBI data base and the „counting method‟  During the trial it was pointed out that statistical probative value of mtDNA is magnitudes lower than nDNA but it must be emphasized that mtDNA analysis is only conducted when nuclear DNA is unavailable due to the poor quality (degraded) of the sample or on samples which only contain mtDNA  Counting Method o Determine profile of HV 1 and HV 2 in exemplar and comparison samples o Check if profile is in the FBI database o Uses the subpopulation not the total database o Uses different formulae if it is or isn‟t in the database o Determine probability at the 95% confidence interval  Random Match Probability o “ The probability that a randomly chosen unrelated person would have the profile in question”. Of course since it is with mitochondrial DNA the question of mater
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