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Lecture 21 – Disadvantages of mtDNA

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Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

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Lecture 21Disadvantages of mtDNAThe high copy number and the sensitivity of PCR makes it more susceptible to contamination must have clean lab facility for mtDNA analysis very costly to construct lab and to pay for case 15002000 AmericanCant discriminate maternal relatives in small areas with high degree of endogamy this could be problematicLow probative value usually 1100 to 11000 depending on size of databaseNew to courts voir dire in Canada 1999more acrimony and less acceptancePossibility of heteroplasmy two profiles at a locus in one individualDifficult to quantifyContamination Control o Protective clothing is worn in the field when possible and only a designated person collects samples o All field and lab personnel should have their profile on record o MtDNA is more prone to contamination from extraneous sources because of1 High copy number in conjunction with2 PCR selectivity o Main
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