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Lecture 30 – Determination of Ancestry and Forensic Dentistry

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Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 30 – Determination of Ancestry and Forensic Dentistry  Introduction o The most difficult individuation problem o In forensic the use of race based on broad classification of Caucasian, Black, Mongoloid or Asian, Amerind, Hispanic o Use metric, non-metric and DNA to assist in race determination o It will be a separate lecture in second part of the course o Best done with mitochondrial DNA  Forensic Dentistry o “Branch of dental science which deals with proper handling and examination of dental evidence, and with proper evaluation of dental findings, in the interests of justice”  Divisions of Forensic Dentistry o Personal identification o Disaster victim identification o Bite mark recovery and analysis o Domestic violence o Dental jurisprudence  Estimating the Age of the Individual o Eruption pattern or sequence o Root development o Impacted wisdom teeth o Periodontal status o Analysis of occlusal or incisal wear o Microscopic analysis of dentin and pulp  Forensic Odontology o Antemortem dental records then positively ID can be easily obtained o Panoramic ex-rays provide an invaluable antemortem dental record for comparisons with evidentiary samples. But it is only one source of evidence used  Unique Denta
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