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Lecture 31 – Forensic Casework

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Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 31 – Forensic Casework  Everything begins at the crime scene  Different specialists have different skills  In order for an evidentiary item to have probative value relative to an exemplar sample, must establish ‘context’ and ‘continuity’  Continuity begins at the crime scene and ends in court o Keep track of evidence throughout the investigation  Always have to assume a case will go to court  Each technique has its own approaches to individuation o Qualitative vs. quantitative assessment  Expert Witness Testimony o Our system is adversarial, also controversial o Under Daubert new criteria for admissibility o Judge is the gatekeeper  Decision maker on what is and is not shown in court  Adversarial o Legally trained minds value testimonial evidence and trust vigorous cross examination to expose its weaknesses o CSI effect in court o Lawyer speak and science speak are world’s apart  Lawyers trained to manipulate words  Expert Witness Testimony from Daubert Recommendations and Rules of Engagement o Continuity of known (exemplar) and unknown (evidentiary) samples o Disclosure (the scientific paper trail) o The qualifications of the expert (papers, courses, professional
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