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Lecture 37 – Principles of Trauma Analysis

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Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 37 – Principles of Trauma Analysis  Main Principles o 1. Distinguishing from pathological, normal and taphonomic processes – this requires extensive knowledge of biomechanics of bone and how bone responds to pathological processes  Relative to age and sex o 2. Determining the number and sequence of skeletal injuries – which requires written and schematic record  Decedent may have moved in the traumatic event o 3. Distinguishing between ante (before), peri (around) and post (after) mortem injuries (i.e., determining when the injury occurred relative to the time of death  Principle #1 Distinguishing from normal and pathological processes o Requires knowledge of bone macro and micro structure, growth and development, biomineralization and biomechanics  Bone Plasticity o Indenting to the skull at point of impact with outward bending at periphery o Younger individuals generally have more plastic bones o Modern imaging (radiological) analysis to document childhood abuse which would otherwise go undetected  Fundamentals of Fracture Repair o A. Following a fracture, blood from broken vessels in the per
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