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Lecture 35 – Overview of the Role of Forensic Anthropology in Trauma Analysis

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Anthropology 2235A/B
Eldon Molto

Lecture 35 – Overview of the Role of Forensic Anthropology in Trauma Analysis  Background Information o Forensic anthropologist is increasingly being asked to render an opinion on the circumstances of death, decay process and analysis of traumatic defects of the skeleton o Conducting research on ancient skeletal populations provides significant experience with trauma analysis since trauma is one of the more common pathologies encountered in past populations o Trauma training is strictly of a forensic nature; important for ancient populations  Trauma Analysis in Forensic Anthropology o Trauma analysis is one of the key developments within forensic anthropology o Three major events have changed the perception that bone trauma analysis was extraneous to FA and within the exclusive sphere of pathology and clinical traumatology  Three Major Events in the Anthropological Study of Skeletal Trauma o 1. Anthropologists conduct research along side of the pathologists in the morgues o 2. Incorporation of bone biomechanics research drawn from a number of disciplines o 3. The rise of forensic taphonomy  1. Resea
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