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Western University
Anthropology 2290F/G
Gerald Mc Kinley

Sept 23 2013 Transcultural PsychiatryTranscultural psychiatry can be defined as being concerned with the social and cultural determinants of psychopathology and psychosocial treatments of the range of mental and behavioural problems in individuals families and human groups In addition to the clinical research methods of psychiatry it draws from the disciplines of psychiatric epidemiology medical anthropology and crosscultural psychologyOne of the leaders in this field is the Psychiatrist Lawrence Kirmayer MD from McGill University Kirmayers research has included important work with Inuit in northern Canada Here are some of the main points he gave at a talk Biomedicine says phenomenology reflects underlying pathobiology and this can be completely characterized in neurophysiological terms and treatment of underlying neurobiology will provide definitive intervention Social science says phenomenology reflects cultural contexts knowledge and practices and pathology is a consequence of meaning and interpretation and changes in social response will have fundamental effects on distress Phenomenology It aims to understand the form quality and texture or experience and in the DSM psychiatry reduced it to symptoms and signs and this was driven in part by the rejection of psychoanalysis as a method and the embrace of epidemiology Experience and reflection on experience is always culturally embedded and to describe experience in general terms phenomenology must take explicit notice of culture Phenomenology can use neuroscience and social science to recognize aspects of experience that are not recognized or culturally salient Neurophenomenology The structure of the nervous system and its processes give rise to specific forms and content of experience and some example are visual phosphenes sleep paralysis auditory hallucinations PTSD depression and grief or pain at the loss of relationships Cultural Neurophenomenology Cultural psychiatry contrasts pathoplasticity contentform with pathogenesis causemechanism so we could then
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