Class Notes for Anthropology at Western University (UWO)

WESTERNANTH 1020EKaren PennesiFall

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Linguistic Anthropology, Vocal Folds, Language Acquisition Device

OC19308816 Page
11 Nov 2013
Chapter 1: introducing linguistic anthropology (have a full understanding on the points that are in this chapter) (know the difference between the type
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WESTERNANTH 1020EKaren PennesiWinter

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Nazi Archaeology, Heritage Tourism, Bone Healing

OC7196014 Page
26 Apr 2013
Anthropology: the holistic study of the human species, past and present. Archaeology: the study of humans and their history, studied by focusing on the
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WESTERNANTH 1020EBruce HammondWinter

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Banks Islands, Macroevolution, Ingroups And Outgroups

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6 Sep 2013
Difficult to read sometimes because we are not part of the same ingroup. Entrance dug out to keep cold air out. Driftwood and skins used to make boats.
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WESTERNANTH 1020EKaren PennesiFall

Linguistic Anthropology Notes 2012.docx

OC7196017 Page
7 Dec 2012
Language has developed alone with evolution as a species. Language is essential to out development of knowledge, technology, society, and survival. Voc
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WESTERNANTH 1020EAndrew WalshWinter

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Cultural Ecology, Molecular Anthropology, Stabilizing Selection

OC16545239 Page
6 Sep 2013
The study of humankind, in all times and places. Anthropology is global in scope, holistic in vision (ie. it is biocultural) and is scientific in metho
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WESTERNANTH 1020EAndrew WalshFall

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Ecotourism, Patrilineality, Marvin Harris

OC10448716 Page
23 Oct 2013
Sociocultural anthropologists are cited more often in tabloids than in the mainstream. Anthropology in the news press (study in uk) People view anthrop
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WESTERNANTH 2229F/GChristopher EllisWinter

Lecture 3 - History of Archaeology

OC241556 Page
18 Jan 2012
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WESTERNANTH 1027A/BLaura Fazakas- De HoogFall

Anthropology 1027A/B Lecture Notes - Gulay Language, Logical Consequence, Car Talk

OC25546150 Page
27 Feb 2014
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WESTERNANTH 1020EAndrew WalshFall

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Trobriand Islands, Ghost Dance, In Vitro Fertilisation

OC1654529 Page
14 Sep 2013
What makes us as individuals in relation to others. For monday: for exam: real all chapters 1-6 and pages 266-270 on chapter 7 (paul farmer) Movie on m
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WESTERNAnthropology 2216F/GMrmattSpring

Anthropology 2216F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology

OC35568522 Page
2 Dec 2014
When you have completed unit 1, you should be able to: describe the four sub-disciplines of anthropology and their various subfields, and discuss how t
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WESTERNANTH 1025F/GSarah ShulistFall

Anthropology 1025F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Veranda, Linguistic Relativity, Metonymy

OC119699915 Page
13 Feb 2017
**reflection 1 due next class (sept. 24th, 2013) Tendency to believe that ones own way is superior, more natural, or correct. Measurement of all other
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WESTERNANTH 1020ELisa HodgettsWinter

Anthropology 1020E Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: International Phonetic Alphabet, Bound And Unbound Morphemes, Morpheme

OC7409653 Page
25 Nov 2016
Parts of language: vocabulary (lexicon, grammatical structure (grammar, language use (pragmatics, language as a system of signs used in context. [wit]
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