Applied Mathematics 1413 Lecture : Notes for the Course

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Western University
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics 1413
Doug Hazlewood

LEADERSHIPCharismaability to influence other by strength of character popular and influential considered a personality traitRomance of leadershiptendency to attribute organizational success on actions of one particular leaderVirtually every outcome variable in the field of occupational health psychology is empirically related to organizational leadershipMaple Leafacted with contrition and restitution making him transformational leaderThoriesGreat Manleaders are born study lives of great menTraitCharacteristics of leaders that predicted effectiveness big fiveagreeableness conscientiousness extraversion neuroticism openness to experience If true could choose suitable people to be leadersBehaviouralIdentify specific behaviours that characterize effective leaders could identify and train leadersInitiating structurebehaviours that result in creation of clear guidelines and procedures clear goals scheduling define standards of performanceConsiderationbehaviours more focused on people than task welfare of others build respect and trustLeader Behaviour Description Questionnaireassess initiating structure and consideration ohio state 40Qs15 structure 15 consideration specific leader ideal leader themselves as leaderconsiderationattitude and moraleinitiating structuretask and group performanceContingencyCategorizes leaders into taskmotivated or relationshipmotivated situationalFielderoFirst true contingency theoryoLeastpreferred coworkers scaleleaders rate coworkers they like least relationship motivatedrated more positively higher on scaletask motivated were more harsh lower ratingoTaskmotivatedbetter in extreme situationsrelationshipmotivatedmost effective in moderately favourable situationsPathgoal theoryoLeaders role is to align goals of organization and followers and to help followers to achieve goals
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